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augustus 17, 2012

New Connections Mobile apps

As of this morning I saw the Connections mobile app being updated on my iPad (but also available for iPhone and Android), offering some really nice enhancements:
One of the main new features ofcourse is access to Smartcloud, even allowing for offline access to your files. Just as with Greenhouse the account is already preset, so it's easy to get connected to your Smartcloud account.
I also like how you van save Profile information to your Contacts or sharing it through email or sms.
And then there are some enhancements that users really neeeded to work and collaborate effectively, such as accepting network invitations and sharing files and folders with colleagues.
What I recommend as a future enhancement is how the editors work. When writing a Blog post, there are still no formatting features, just plain text. And after posting, the breaks (enter) are all gone. I would also like to see a better interface for adding a comment. The box to type in is simply too small.
Right now I am waiting in anticipation for the next release which will support Connections 4.

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