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juli 23, 2012

Migrating IBM Connections to 4 Beta

Today is the day that we will be migrating our e-office Connections environment to IBM Connections 4. Allthough still only in beta, for us it is critical we experience quickly what possibilities it offers for us as IBM Premier business partner.

Testing mail integration and Activity Stream

We can't wait to test drive mail integration, and to start working with the Activity Stream API. Lots of suitable Domino applications are available to integrate, such as timesheets notifications. So we can enter those Tinstantly through the embedded experience the Activity Stream will provide.

At a loss without it

In the meantime, I'm sort of at a loss, as Connections for me is where I do most of my daily work activities. It's my connection to what's going on at the office while I am at clients or working from home. It's how I organize information that I want to store for later reading or for processing work later. Connections is where I keep my colleagues informed of what I am doing. If I need help or want to communicate I use Connections. Projects are organized into Activities, and I use Activities as my GTD tool.

Hopefully the homepage will soon display something else:

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