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juni 27, 2013

Book on Doing Business with IBM Connections

Recently I received Michael Sampson's new book 'Doing business with IBM Connections 4.5'. Being a huge fan of his previous work I had been awaiting with much anticipation the arrival of it ever since it was announced even before Connect 2013 in february this year.

If you are going to embark on a social busines journey using IBM Connections this is a MUST read! In fact, if you are embarking on a social business journey with any kind of social software this book will give you guidance on a practical approach for improving business processes through collaboration scenarios.

The book is set up with 10 chapters on collaboration scenarios. Each scenario comes with 2 Case Studies from organizations having implemented IBM Connections, showing their experience in that particular scenario. From the 20 case studies no less than 5 are from the Netherlands! These are from Silverside, Saxion (both on managing meetings), Forbo Eurocol (Sharing Team updates), LeasePlan (Finding Expertise), Sasja Beerendonk e-office (Individual Coherence).  Yes indeed, that last case study would be me :-)
5 out of 20 case studies, now that is quite impressive for such a tiny country!

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